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At SCS we currently offer 3 sports for middle school athletes, 4 sports for high school athletes, and multiple sports clinics for elementary. We pride ourselves on creating an athletic environment in which students can strive towards becoming the best Athlete they can be while also learning valuable tools in becoming the best Christian Athlete that they can be.


We promote and reinforce the Guardian Incentive with all athletes : “To be a Guardian is to be a keeper. At Seacoast, we strive to keep the testimony of the school intact so that people know they will be treated fairly and with love. We push each athlete, coach, and parent to realize that the field, the court, the track - those are our mission fields. It is expected that coaches will keep themselves and their players accountable for their attitudes and actions. It is also expected that athletes will remember that each opposing player is someone God loves and someone they should love too.


Guardians are to focus on what it means to protect the testimony of Seacoast Christian School - one of excellence, one of service, and one of faith. We are called to be the change we want to see in this world. Together, we WILL be this change by keeping our testimony as Guardians intact so "that in all things Christ may have the preeminence." Colossians 1:18”

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High School Head Coach: Ben Geaslen

Junior High Head Coach: Mat Packard

Junior High Assistant Coach: Rachel Packard, Leah Hulstrom


If you have questions regarding athletics, or want to sign up for a sport, please reach out to our Athletic Director Meaghan Schoff -

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