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Academic Sequence

Seacoast Christian School provides children with an educational foundation that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning. Our pre-school program transitions children into students by leveraging their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge in a friendly and fun environment. Our Pre-Kindergarten students are ready to begin reading in Kindergarten.


Seacoast Christian School teaches our young students to apply their natural curiosity to their education through their interactions with the teacher and excellent curriculum.  The students quickly develop a broad base of interests and the basic tools they need to explore the world around them. Bible stories spark an early interest in God’s Word. In addition to teaching art, science, and heritage studies, Kindergarten teaches listening, oral composition, phonics, and reading comprehension. Math manipulatives are used to explain basic math concepts, such as numbers, time, and money. We encourage our students to get active and learn fine arts at the same time with Music, Art, P.E. and Spanish classes.


The Seacoast Christian School elementary department serves students from PreK through 6th grade. Our goal is to educate the whole child; academically, spiritually, socially, and physically.  Since 1984 we have provided Christ-centered education for children of Christian parents, serving as an extension of the home and a partner with the church in providing Christian education.


Faculty members use a distinctively Christian curriculum and strive to biblically integrate every subject area to help develop a distinctive Christian worldview. Weekly chapels provide spiritual reinforcement along with daily Bible curriculum and prayer. Teachers work diligently to develop classroom lessons that grow the mind along with the heart of individual students within their own learning style.

Junior High/Highschool

The Seacoast Christian School secondary department (grades 6-12) is a college-preparatory program with a very rigorous curriculum combined with several co-curricular activities. The Secondary department continues to build upon the foundation of excellence and service instilled in our elementary program.  The curriculum places an emphasis on the moral development of all students by providing opportunities to deepen their relationship with God, personal integrity, leadership skills, and levels of service within our community.  From Computer Science to Athletics, each student is encouraged to take part in a well-rounded academic experience.


Students at this level continue their development into confident, intellectual young adults who are bold in their Christian leadership and faith. The Secondary department strives to provide a learning environment which both challenges and nurtures our students during this important time in their lives. Our knowledgeable and experienced faculty teach our students the content and skills necessary for later academic success while encouraging them to boldly ask questions, seek creative solutions, and take risks as a part of learning.  Individual students grasp and retain knowledge at different rates, and our students benefit from small class sizes and varied instructional techniques. Due to the structure of the secondary program, our students score on average 100 points higher than the national average on the SAT test, and two grade levels higher than the national average on standardized testing.

Community Service

Beginning in the 2023 school year, all SCS high school students must acquire 50 hours of community service to qualify for graduation. The mission of Seacoast Christian School is to prepare students to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. SCS teaches, influences, and encourages each student to effectively integrate Biblical truth into his/her daily life and to impact the world around them for Christ. The purpose of this Community Service program is to instill and foster a heart for service to God and the community around us. Love God, Love others.





Every Week our students gather to worship God and study his word together in our Chapel. Elementary Chapels (grades K-5) begin at 8:40. In elementary chapel our students will be learning through the use of the Jesus Storybook Bible for the 2022 school year; Secondary Chapels (grades 6-12) begin at 9:20. Our Secondary Chapel begins with worship led by students who are learning how to integrate their love of music into their love of Christ through our Worship Team elective. Secondary students will be studying the words of Jesus and life of Jesus to experience Jesus more clearly this school year. Parents are welcome to attend chapel on Wednesday mornings.

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