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Lighthouse by the Ocean


Seacoast Christian School exists to equip its students to become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ in all areas of life.


Seacoast Christian School is committed to providing a high quality, affordable and distinctly Christian education.  We are committed to being an exemplary model and witness to our community by the behavior of our board members, faculty, and students, both on campus and off.  SCS will demonstrate exemplary stewardship in its business and financial dealings and will be accountable to God and the Holy Scriptures for its conduct and practices, opting to “avoid even any appearance of impropriety.”  (Ephesians 5:3)

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Our History

Our History

Seacoast Christian School has a long history of God’s faithfulness to people who love Him and want to see their children educated in a school that blends sound, Biblical teaching with solid, traditional academics. Founded in 1984, God placed the desire in the hearts of some teachers and parents to establish a new Christian school in South Berwick, Maine. This new school would be foundationally focused on God, strive for academic excellence, and be based upon a theological doctrine focused on God’s grace. On Wednesday, September 5, 1984, Seacoast Christian School opened, as a ministry sponsored by the South Berwick Free Baptist Church, with 88 students and six full-time staff members.

High school classes were added until SCS had the first graduating class of two students in 1988. The athletic opportunities expanded from recess dodge ball games during the first year to physical education classes, volleyball teams, track teams, undefeated basketball teams, a championship swim team, and a class D state cross-country team. Other extracurricular activities included spelling bees, math meets, high school choral groups, robotics, music, and art classes.

In June 2006, the new board of directors was sworn in, and SCS was reorganized as a new independent, board-run school. Bylaws were drawn up, board candidates were interviewed, and legal counsel assisted in creating a new nonprofit corporation to which the original school would be transferred. On November 8, 2010 Seacoast Christian School became the new owners of a 53,000 square foot facility on 5½ acres in the middle of Downtown South Berwick. Donations and pledges from the school family, as well as a mortgage from the bank, allowed for the purchase of the property.


Today after 38 years from its beginning, the school is growing, improvements are continuously being made to the facility, and the vision is continuing to be developed. God’s hand has been seen clearly in the lives of students, staff members, families, and the community surrounding Seacoast Christian School.

Our Crest & Mascot

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Administrative Staff

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Our School Board

Our School Board

In 2006 SCS formed its first school board. The Board is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds that have the common goal of seeing SCS reach its fullest potential. Our current board members are listed below.

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