Civil Rights Day

Monday | January  20



Friday | February 28

Save The Date!

Join us for a BIG NIGHT OUT at the CIRCUS! This is an event you don't want to miss. Tickets on sale soon.

Carpool, anyone?

We have a new family with 2 elementary boys looking for a carpool partner in Eliot, Maine.  If you are interested in being part of this, or would be interested in joining a carpool for your area, please contact the office.


Pizza Days


Pizza will be available on Wednesdays for $1.75 per slice.  Orders must be placed ahead of time!  You can pay ahead for several weeks or by the month. Soda and snacks will be available to purchase as well.  This fundraiser goes toward senior class, year-end events.



We are excited about the 36th year of Seacoast Christian School serving students. We have upgraded our giving software making it easier for you to be part of the financial success of the SCS Ministry so that we can better meet the educational & spiritual needs of our students. You can now donate to SCS by clicking the button below or "texting"

Text "Give" to make your donation

You'll now be able to simply text the amount you would like to donate to SCS @ this number:

(207) 300-6077

Chapel Speakers

Weekly Chapel Service Schedule:

Jan. 15| TBD

Jan. 22 | TBD

Jan. 29 | TBD

Unless otherwise noted...

  • 8:30  Secondary Chapel 

  • 9:35  Elementary Chapel

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