Dual Enrollment

Seacoast Christian School offers it’s high school students the opportunity to take college courses while still in high school.  This allows students the opportunity to take college courses through Christian, nationally recognized, and regionally accredited colleges, earning high school credit towards SCS graduation and college credit for the future.  


SCS students, starting in their junior year, can take college courses following these steps:


  • Enroll in a participating college through the online application process.  Seacoast highly recommends the following schools:

    • Bob Jones University

    • Cairn University

    • Cedarville University

    • Grand Canyon University

    • Liberty University​

    • In some case, certain courses taken at York Community College or Great Bay Community College may also be approved

  • Before selecting courses, Students must get them pre-approved by Seacoast.

  • After getting the course pre-approved, Register for classes with the University. 

  • Pass each college course and submit final grade statements to Seacoast Christian School for acceptance of credit. 

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  • Students who participate in this program may accumulate two semesters of credits, potentially saving $20,000 - $35,000.

  • Dual enrolloment is safe way for high school students to “try out” college classes.

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  • A Dual Enrollment Study Hall computer lab, where students can work on their college courses while on the SCS campus. ​

  • Access to the digital library resources through the University.

  • Access to the tutoring programs through the University and Seacoast Christian School.

  • A college professor who is available to the students via Skype, phone, email etc. 

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  • Students must be a Junior or Senior.

  • Students must have a 3.0 or B average  (Note:  some colleges or Universities may require a higher GPA).

  • Students must take a minimum of four SCS classes along with their dual credit classes, making a minimum of five classes.  

  • Students may only take two dual credit classes per semester.