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We have some exciting news to share with you. God has been working mightily within the school and in the people around us, and we are happy to announce that He has led us to a new administrator and a whole new look to our leadership.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce our new Administrator,
Tim Monahan. 





Seacoast Christian School exists to equip its students to become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ in all areas of life.




Our vision is to provide an academically challenging, affordable, and distinctly Christian education for students in the Maine/NH Seacoast area.  We are committed to modeling our faith in Christ in our community.

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Seacoast Christian School has a long history of God’s faithfulness to people who love Him and want to see their children educated in a school that blends sound Biblical teaching with solid traditional academics.  Founded in 1984, God placed the desire in the hearts of some teachers and parents to establish a new Christian school in South Berwick, Maine. This new school would be foundationally focused on God, strive for academic excellence, and be based upon a theological doctrine focused on God’s grace.​ Seacoast Christian School opened, as a ministry sponsored by the South Berwick Free Baptist Church, with 88 students and six full-time staff members.